The Erth deep-sea explorers dare their young audiences to dive with them into an ocean full of amazing prehistoric marine life in this fun, awe-inspiring science show.

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Following on from their much-loved Dinosaur Zoo, the team at Erth have built an aquarium and filled it with prehistoric marine reptiles. Either from the safety of their seats, or right up close to the action, families and their children are invited to interact with these majestic aquatic creatures and learn about some of nature’s greatest mysteries along the way.

Boasting beautiful puppetry, inflatable environments and an immersive underwater atmosphere, this live-theatre performance is at once an enchanting and educational journey into the world of dinosaurs, natural history and the science of palaeontology.

Recommended for ages 5+.

Puppet Workshops
Make your own mini prehistoric aquarium puppet at FREE workshops before the show.

Virtual Reality Experience
Experience Erth's ground-breaking new virtual-reality experience and travel back 200 million years and encounter the real-life science of paleontology in an unforgettable feast for the senses. Booking recommended. Click here  to book for the VR Experience

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Hosts: Drew Fairley, Catherine McNamara
Puppeteers: Sharon Kerr, Gabbie Paananen and Michael Cullen
Writer: Scott Wright with Drew Fairley and Catherine McNamara
Director: Scott Wright
Designer: Steve Howarth
Sound Design: Phil Downing
Animation: Christian J Heinrich
Illustrations: Gabbie Paananen
Lighting Design: Neil Simpson
Electronics Consultant: Nick Wishart

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“Prehistoric Aquarium combines breathtaking puppetry with accessible science… It’s a treat.”

Adelaide Now