A delight for all the family, this joyous circus show celebrates village and city life in Vietnam through captivating storytelling and one-of-a-kind acrobatic props, including bamboo poles and woven rattan baskets.

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Full of laughter, personality, thrills and imagination, the charming new work by French Vietnamese company Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam arrives in New Zealand having won audiences over around the world - and is set to steal the hearts of Aucklanders with its enchanting reinvention of the traditional circus act.

Làng Phố, which translates as 'village-city', depicts the rapid urbanisation of rural villages who are set in their peaceful way of life. Telling a story of Vietnamese culture in transition, the show's 15 acrobats and five musicians gracefully contrast scenes of heritage and agriculture with the restless sights and sounds of 21st century society.

Performing live a mixture of serene South Vietnamese music and buoyant contemporary hip hop, the troupe also presents a full range of circus skills. Feats of juggling, contortion and aerial work take on a spectacular new form with the aid of bamboo - the signature aesthetic of Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam - as well as through a new innovation, the woven basket. In the hands of such artful entertainers, these humble objects become characters in themselves.

Their creativity will leave you spellbound.

Recommended for ages 6+.

Highly visual performance: Introductory notes in NZSL interpreted video available for Deaf and hearing impaired patrons. Click HERE for more details.

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Tuan Le
Nguyen Nhat Ly
Nguyen Lan Maurice
Nguyen Tan Loc

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This creation of visual magic from such ordinary items is stunning, as are the engaging skills of the performers.

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