Uncle Jack Charles is an Australian legend: a veteran actor, musician, Aboriginal elder and activist, who performs this powerful one-man show on the colourful life he has led on stage and screen and – most poignantly – behind bars.

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From Stolen Generation to Koori theatre in the 70s, from Hollywood film sets to Victoria's state prisons, Jack Charles V The Crown runs the gamut of a life lived to its utmost. A gifted performer, Jack Charles has struggled with homelessness, drug addiction and jail time for much of his career. But this is no simple parable of crime and punishment. Charles' charm, humour, talent and unswerving optimism transforms his life of hard knocks into an extraordinary tale.

Returning triumphantly to the stage, Charles is not afraid to confront the complexity of his story. In doing so he shines a light on Australia's history of injustices against Aboriginal people. His vital reflections on race and the punitive state are uplifted by a sense of hope found within the redemptive qualities of storytelling.

Under the wing of ILBIJERRI, the oldest indigenous theatre company in Australia, Charles' journey moves lyrically between raw video footage, charismatic monologues, mock courtroom trials and even a pottery demonstration, all interspersed with rousing musical numbers backed by a three-piece band. Delighting audiences internationally, including at an acclaimed premiere season at London's Barbican Theatre, Charles' generous spirit and warm presence is set to win the hearts of Auckland audiences.

Recommended for ages 15+. Contains strong language, adult themes and images of drug use.

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EXTRA: Kanohi ki te Kanohi with Jack Charles
Kanohi ki te Kanohi – Meet Uncle Jack Charles
Join us for afternoon tea and a conversation on the couch with Aboriginal elder and renowned actor Jack Charles.
Sat 10 March 3pm-4.30pm
Te Pou Theatre, 44A Portage Rd, New Lynn

EXTRA: Kanohi ki te Kanohi Forum
With leading indigenous theatre companies Tawata Productions (Aotearoa) and Ilbijerri Theatre (Australia)
Join us for a Panel Discussion with Ilbijerri Theatre directors and producers Rachael Maza and Lydia Fairhall and Tawata Productions' Hone Kouka and Mīria George (Bless The Child). Movers, shakers, creators, provocateurs in theatre, these artists discuss their work and the driving force behind their companies.
Sun 11 March 2.00pm-3.00pm
Rangatira, Q Theatre

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Director: Rachael Maza
Co-Writer: Jack Charles, John Romeril
Performer: Jack Charles
Dramaturge: John Romeril
Set & Costume Designer: Emily Barrie
Lighting Designer: Danny Pettingill
Audio Visual Designer: Peter Worland
Musical Director: Nigel Maclean
Percussion: Phil Collings
Bass: Malcolm Beveridge

Presented by
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Tour Producer
Fenn Gordon for Tandem

Sponsored by
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Exceptionally engaging… it’s the story of Australia. Just not the one we’re used to hearing.