Prepare to get lost in this grand reimagining of an amusement park classic: a massive outdoor walk-through installation composed of a labyrinth of seemingly endless mirrors.

Constructed from 40 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of glass, the giant 400-square-metre House of Mirrors brings a new sense of size, amazement and fun to the carnival mirror maze. Mesmerising participants of all ages across Australia, this wondrous attraction comes to the Festival Playground, Silo Park for the duration of Auckland Arts Festival 2018.

A recurring motif in art, performance and cinema, the mirror has long fascinated artists as a surface to explore ideas of paranoia, disorientation and perception. Melbourne installation artists Christian Wagstaff and Keith Courtney continue this tradition, returning the perfect marriage of mirrors and mazes to its sensory roots with their simple but effective geometric design.

A feast for the eyes, House of Mirrors is also the ultimate selfie sensation. But in a world consumed by digital technology, perhaps its greatest special effect is the extraordinary optical illusion it achieves through real, tangible spaces. An open-air installation, this impressive structure is very much an outdoor experience, and will incorporate the light and weather of the surrounding Auckland environment, among other surprises, for those venturing inside its walls.

Tickets available on the day at the Festival Playground. Click here to view the Festival Playground Map.

FREE for children 4 and under. EFTPOS is available at the on-site box office for ticket purchases.

House of Mirrors is a rain, hail or shine outdoor event. Please Note: Mirrors may cause disorientation. You should also prepare yourself for getting lost.


A special guest visits House of Mirrors .... it's Kim Kardashian! Take a look here

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Artists: Christian Wagstaff and
Keith Courtney

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A multi-sensory romp through a house-sized kaleidoscope.

Arts Centre, Melbourne